Protocol Stack Working Group (PS-WG)

This group is tasked with maintenance of the BACnet protocol stack. This includes maintenance of all of the link layers (Clauses 7 to 11, Annex J, Annex O, and Annex U), the network layer (Clause 6) and the application layer (Clause 5).

This new working group was created in Spring 2017 to include all work from the former IP-WG and MSTP-WG. The maintenance of the network layer and application layer in Clause 5 was moved from the OS-WG to this new group, in support of the OS-WG to focus on objects, services, and related parts of the standard.

The topics under discussion are:

  • MS/TP Zero Config
  • Various enhancements and improvements of MS/TP
  • Test enhancements of MS/TP
  • Testing of BACnet/IPv6

Convener: Michael Osborne, Reliable Controls

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