About the BACnet Committee

The BACnet Committee developed and now maintains the BACnet Standard. The formal committee membership is a purposely balanced set of users, suppliers, and other interested parties. It operates according to accepted international standards development processes to ensure the standard remains an open, vendor-independent specification. To ensure the standard reflects a broad set of inputs and perspectives, the Committee and working group meetings are open to all interested parties.

The BACnet Committee utilizes consensus decision-making and divides its technical work among a set of Working Groups. The working groups focus on specific areas of the standard and provide information and recommendations to the full committee.

The BACnet Committee is a very active community of volunteers. Typically, the full Committee meets on a quarterly basis and, along with working group meetings, occupies most of a week. In addition, many of the working groups hold interim meetings and a large amount of work is completed by members between meetings. The result is a robust standard with continuous extensions and improvements.

The BACnet Committee (SSPC 135) History

The first meeting of what would later become the BACnet Committee was held at the ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, in June of 1987. After extensive development effort and public review, ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135 was published in 1995 and BACnet was officially launched. The next year the ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 135 (SSPC 135) was officially formed to interpret, maintain, and extend the standard. SSPC became popularly known as the “BACnet Committee” and has continued to extend and enhance the BACnet standard.

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