BACnet/SC Published at Long Last!

  • BACnet now has a new secure communication option that is built upon widely used IT standards.  BACnet/SC, defined in Addendum bj, uses WebSockets and TLS to implement peer authentication, message encryption, and reliable connection-oriented communication between BACnet/SC devices.  BACnet/SC can be implemented on any IPv4 or IPv6 network.  More information about BACnet/SC is available in this article written by Jim Butler and this white paper written by Dave Fisher, Bernhard Isler, and Mike Osborne. Coincident with the official approval of BACnet/SC, the existing network security functionality defined in the BACnet standard (Clause 24) was removed.

All of the above-mentioned committee members, and many more, deserve congratulations on bringing this important project to a successful conclusion after several years of intense effort!