Atlanta Meeting Wrap-Up!

Here is a summary of the highlights of the SSPC meeting that took place in January in the shadow of Mercedes Benz arena, the site of this year’s Superbowl! Thanks to SSPC Secretary Scott Ziegenfus, Hubbell Lighting, for this report.

  • Interpretation Request for Out_Of_Service Property
    An interpretation was made of whether the Multi-state Input Out_Of_Service Property being TRUE means its fault algorithm would not be evaluated. This was found to be incorrect and that the fault algorithm continues to be evaluated when the Out_of_service property is TRUE. 
  • Addendum 135-2016bs “Elevator BIBBS and Device Profiles” was voted out for publication
    New elevator application specific BIBBs are added. These new BIBBS are based on the existing or extended common BIBBs, exclude some requirements not relevant for elevator applications, and add specific requirements that are relevant for elevator applications. New elevator device profiles are added in new device profile families for elevator devices.
  • Addendum 135-2016bw “Add Time Series Data Exchange Format” was voted out for publication
    It was agreed to add a simple, universal data exchange format for the transfer of time series data between various platforms for operations such as analyzing the energy performance of buildings. This format is designed for export from databases in servers or workstation-class computers with user interfaces.  It is not intended to replace the BACnet ReadRange service in devices or the queryable history services provided by BACnet Web Services
  • Addendum 135-206bx “Device Address Proxy” was voted out for public review. This addendum is working towards minimizing the traffic on large networks resulting from broadcast Who-Is requests and I-Am responses by adding a device address proxy table inside of the router.  The router still discovers and re-discovers each device on its networks and updates its proxy table.  Who-Is requests going to a proxy network will be responded to with an I-Am request by the router just as if a packet had been generated by the device being sought.