ANSI/ASHRAE 135 Addenda Available for Public Review

[Greensburg, PA] Coleman Brumley, Chair of SSPC 135, announced a new addendum to ANSI/ASHRAE 135 (aka “The BACnet standard”) are now available for Publication Public Review. The addendum will undergo a 45-day Public Review period that runs from 4-Feb-2024 to 21-Mar-2024.

  • Addendum cs: This addendum adds the Certificate Authority Requirements Interchange File Format (CARI) to facilitate the exchange of Certificate Signing Request (CSR) files and the resulting Operational and Issuer certificate files between a device and a Certificate Authority.

Public input and feedback on these addenda are crucial in ensuring that the BACnet standard remains relevant and effective in today’s rapidly evolving building automation landscape. ASHRAE encourages participation in the public review process and constructive comments are always welcome.

Detailed information on how to access and submit comments on these addenda can be found on the ASHRAE website at